What location is best to host a server?

  • I'm currently experimenting around with server settings, and I was wondering. What location do you guys think is the best place to host a server for an ideal speed for both US & UK players?

  • I have a server hosted in France and have active(daily) players connecting from UK, USA and Australia. I think it doesn't matter that much..

  • Ive heard the Netherlands is a good location.

  • I think both UK/France/NL are all 3 good options as a midle point, most important thought would be is the host good at any of the 3 locations, bigest delay is the conection from your host to the point where long distance signals get split up.

    Here is a map to give you a id how intenet cables run at the moment and there are a enoug ;),

  • Oh yea another thing ive been wondering a lot about is that many people use host to setup a eco server for them,
    i understand this can be easy in some ways but, its very limited compared to a rented vps.
    and for those who understand how to setup a eco server on there own home pc here is a example.

    Im not posting this to advertize but to give a example hope its ok,

    Game Host:
    Good: Instant setup, Support, easy to use.

    Cost example: Low performance
    Location: Germany.
    Ram: 2gb
    Cpu Priority: None
    Cost: 9,68 Euro

    Cost example: High Performance
    Location: Germany.
    Ram: 8gb
    Cpu Priority: Extreme
    Cost: 61,28 Euro

    As you can see for a basic Eco server its afordable, but if you want room to expand your server, to have it run lagfree cpu priority is important as with most host you share multiple cpu's with others in some cases it runs realy smooth but its a risk as in many cases you share with to many other user.

    VPS Host
    Good: Full Control, High performance,

    Cost example: Low performance
    Location: Germany.
    Ram: 12gb
    Cpu Priority: 4 cores dedicated
    Cost: 13,98 Euro

    Cost example: High Performance
    Location: Germany.
    Ram: 50gb
    Cpu Priority: 10 cores dedicated
    Cost: 50,98 Euro

    High performance is overkill for 1 server, you can run multile game servers on it, but im just giving this as a example for those who know how to run a eco server, that there are many options out there from game host as wel as vps host,

    Hope this info can be of help to some of you,
    Greetings Zaskersky

  • Awesome, this is the kind of answer I was hoping for! I appreciate the response. I will take this into consideration,

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