Black Screen in game- No longer loads past Loading Objects 100%

  • How do i fix this? I don't know who the server admin is.

  • Only a admin with direct acces to the server files can fix the problem, when the work around plugin is not installed, after that a regular admin can solve it, if there is no way to acces the admin your stuck.

  • This is annoying. 2 Games where i have gotten in at the beginning and made it a little ways into the tech trees have now bugged me out or shut down.

  • @Advent_Cloud
    Yea it is, best way to have a good game time is to play on a server, a bit close to your time zone, that hase some sort off forrum/discord or other means to communicate so you know what kinda server your geting into.
    we hade the bugs many times but in most casses it was fixed quickly cause memebers just messaging me on discord.

  • Hello, i am having the same issue. Something about admin and plugin is not install I see was said but could you provide more info then that? We already tried a backup of the server and multiple restarts. And others are able to connect, and i can connect to other servers, so its just my account to that server.

  • @Ikouldve
    The solution to you problem for now is this plugin

    download the usertp-fix.cs, and place it in the folowing folder in your eco server.

    Then reboot your server go ingame, (to execute the command you have to be admin)
    type /tpo (playername capital sensetive,)
    Only type the command when the bugged player is offline else you will teleport yourself to Limbo and your acount is stuck.
    After typing the command the offline bugged players is teleported to default world spawn, and can login again.

    Greetings Zaskersky.

  • Thank you, this worked

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