Server not visible in the client

  • Hello there,

    I am setting up a new EU 24/7 dedicated server and i have followed the tutorial on how to setup the server.
    After that i have followed the advanced 'how to setup your ports' guide.

    When i go to the external ip adress at port 3001 with a browser the page loads up just fine. I can see the webpage and it loads fine.
    When i go with telnet to the external ip adress on port 3000 i can also establish a connection. (i can even see it in the server 'DOS box')
    Last thing i did was set the PublicServer = True on the Network/Config tab and made sure that under Users/Config the value PrivateServer is set to False.
    Al tests i have done are from computers that are not in the same LAN. I loaded it from my Phone, used computer at work etc.

    I have a few random questions:

    • Under Network/Config there is a setting called ServerBrowserService.
      The description says it will use this url to ping it every 10 min. But to ping you only need a hostname/DNS name not a url. So does it ping the server or does it use this url to register the server?
      The url itself can not be reached (by anyone) does not exist/load any page does load.

    • In the Original tutorial port TCP 3000 and 3001 need to be opened. In the advanced guide port range 2999-3001 need to be opened. But there is nothing running on port 2999 so why do i need to open this?
      Ports TCP 3000 and TCP 3001 should be enough, right?

    If anyone can help me get the servr to appear in the server list i'd be very happy.

    Thanks in advance,

  • As far as I know 2999 does not get used maybe ancient times? 3001 is used for connecting and I think grabbing info for the public listing if you enable that.

  • Hello Kane,

    Thank you for your response.
    I have done a bit more testing and when i fill in the public ip on my client and the 3001 port it connects instantly.
    It loads and ive just made my character and ran around a bit in the world.
    So the setup works, but i dont see it listed in the public server list.

    (And yes i have set it to publicserver = true in the network/config tab)
    Do you have any idea why its not showing up?

    Thanks again for your time,


  • Not sure myself sorry. It seems to work fine here though sometimes it takes a bit other times I had to turn it off and on just to list does not always seem to list right.

  • This here should have the answer of your issue somewhere

  • Hello NoBlackhunder,

    You did not read my all..
    I can play on the server and everybody else can but it does not register in the server list. works fine and if you put the ip adress and 3001 port in the client it also works fine.


  • Damn NoBlackThunder you really did not read it :P

  • Well my remark was a bit unfriendly i know, but i just hope to get this server listed. :-)
    For what it is worth, i started a new 5.5 server and ill try to get that one listed.

    Thanks for the response so far, ill keep on trying to get a server listed!


  • Last update: server 5.5 managed to crash on me 3 times in 15 minutes without any clients connecting to it....(on windows 2012R2 and dotnet 4.6)
    I like a challenge but...

    So now its back to 4.5 at thats running fine again..


  • Changed the ports around; is now the port connect to the game.
    Maybe it will show up in the list now..

    walks of mumbling to himself in a necro thread..


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