New ECO 5.5.1 Online 24/7 custom server, 21/03/2017. Everyone welcome, *Need Staff* (We also have a discord, we're a friendly bunch)

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    Server Name: ECO Online: Hassle free, 24/7 Server, Exclusive features! All welcome.

    About us!
    This is a new dedicated 24/7 "Modded" server recently wiped for update 5.5.1 on 21/03/2017. We are currently looking for new players who may be interested in joining the server. Our current players are a very friendly bunch who welcome both new and experienced players. If you are new and have questions or need help, don't hesitate to ask. This server is not whitelisted meaning you can join on your own and do not require any form of approval. This server is high ram, high priority and low lag with us focusing on this server being accessible throughout the EU & US.

    Have you played on another server and encountered issues? been kicked? facing errors?

    Well. Our server's main goal is to be hassle free, convenient to the player, and have multiple easily accessible help and support options available. As ECO is still in Alpha, it faces countless errors forcing players to be kicked and unable to reconnect to specific servers ex, our server has custom fix's that an admin can do for you. Disconnected and unable to reconnect? Facing the 100% loading error bug? ...Just drop a post on this forum thread or drop a message in our discord chat and your issue will be fixed swiftly and promptly.

    We pride ourselves in being accessible to help and support players with technical errors, or just in game help/support. With minimal downtime, the server is always accessible to you so you don't need to worry about the server going offline and you not being able to play. You can see for yourself our online status Here.

    You can join our discord (if you want to) Here. This is optional and totally up to you, although we recommend it.

    Server Mods
    The server has several modifications offering new commands to players not offered in vanilla servers. All our server mods are true to the game and do not affect core gameplay. We try to keep the game as true to its nature as possible making players still need to earn and collect items legit. Our mods are purely for convenience and bug fixing. We're working alongside @ClayC to update, test and create new mods. As mods that fit our server's values are updated to 5.5 or created, we will add them to the server.

    We hope to see you on the server!

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  • This post is deleted!

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  • Server update* Still looking for players,

    Some good players have already joined and we are starting to build a nice little community.

  • dam thats a long title!

  • @NoBlackThunder Ayy lmao. Once I think of a name for it, I'll probably shorten it. Perhaps something like "ECO craft"?

  • Great server and very helpful/friendly players. Ive gotten tons of answers and help on the Discord as well!!! Overall great community :)

  • As 5.5 is released this Tuesday, we will be doing a full server wipe and transfering the server to 5.5

    If your new and looking for a server, now will be a good time.

  • Once again, I highly reccomend people join our discord.

  • Hope to see you upgrading to 5.5 when the ToolKit is out :)

    Thanks for your support @FinalBossXII

  • @ClayC Big plans for the future, and your mods play a huge part of it.

    -Stay awesome.

  • We had a good number of people jump on the server as soon as 5.5 was uploaded. If your looking for a new server, nows the time to join.

  • Can we get the tool giving sp thing :x aka active skilling

  • mostly friendly group sadly now that they have joined with rg community if you had any issues with rg staff expect it to travel to this server also admins are allowed to grief freely

  • @wrathicefire Please stop spreading non-sense, you called one of our staff members malicious and flamed the community, we almost lost other members because of your hatred, in the end it was your decision to drop out and I followed your wish, you were banned for valid reasons. If you want the chat and everything to go public I can follow your wish, But please note I as the co-leader of RG Community never banned anyone from the community, you are not banned although we might not accept you back. You are only banned from the eco server.

    ECO Online has merged with the community when 5.5.1 came out, we made it clear in our discord.


  • Post the log and let the kid learn from his mistake

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Zaskersky thank you for posting these links, i didn't get a chance to d/l 5.5.2 because i didn't expect 5.5.3 to be out so soon

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