Client Issue - Cannot move items between backpack and inventory.

  • After building my builders hut and starting to create lots of items I found after moving them into my backpack I couldnt then move some out again. It seems to be in three of the slots. When closing the backpack GUI the three icons still stay on the screen and become unusable.
    Also after this occurs anything I use up from the inventory, that slot then becomes unusable too.

    It has happened on all three world's once I get a full inventory and items in the backpack.
    Over a few minutes then game becomes unplayable as the inventory slots are empty and cannot be used further.

    I can provide screenshots/video later is required to better explain.

  • yea the more info the better =)

    for dev issue reported

  • @dhillyard
    Can't repro this case.
    I filled up my whole inventory and toolbar.
    It worked just fine.
    If you still having this issue, can you show or give us exact execution order for this to repro?

  • I hit an issue (may be similar, maybe not) where I was dragging something to my belt from my backpack and the image stuck partially on the belt but was unusable. With a mouse-over the slot it was moved from in the backpack the tooltip said it was there but neither the belt slot or the backpack slot were usable.

    A server disconnect did not fix but a full restart did.

    If it happens again I will grab a screenshot.

  • @paintedwolff
    I know what will happen cause during development it happened by bad code sometimes.
    So we fixed code for those part.
    After that, during internal testing and play we couldn't cause it again.
    There is other guy who reported this kind of bug which caused by using middle mouse button.
    I fixed that for next patch.
    So if you caught this guy again. please let us know situation as detailed which will be very helpful.

  • @paintedwolff know what you talking about its a very rare case. talked to LSG_K about it .. for now we need to wait if the next patch resolves this =) its a very tricky bug , but might have gotten resolved in the new patch coming out soon. in the mean time .. i feel alt-tab out of the game and back into it resolves the issue =)

  • @SLG_K and @NoBlackThunder Thanks.