[Server issue] Server takes very long to start up.

  • OS: Win7 64 Bit
    EcoServer: 0.1.5805.31407

    Everytime i start up the server at my machine at work it takes an awfull long time to come online. It's around 5 to 10 minutes.

    I attached a screenshot of my server log.

  • That seems normal. My Dedi takes around 5 mins (more if genning world.
    It seems to use CPU quite alot during this so probs a better CPU would make it load faster.

    While my PC takes less then 2 mins(gaming pc)

  • Well, my machine at work is quite a power horse with 32 cores and 64 GB ram. At the other hand my (rather outdated) Laptop at home takes around 60 seconds for the same job.

  • do i see it right 6 hour start up ?

    i think i have seen john reporting that to the issue tracker .. but it helps with your hardware resource .. put that in my backlog list and add it to known bugs soon when i get worked trough the list =)

  • @NoBlackThunder said:

    do i see it right 6 hour start up ?

    No, it rather is 6 minutes. Looks like the timestamp is bugged.

  • ahh pew .. i have seen an internal report of 8 hours .. but yea .. still long start up issue is a known one so will upgrade the known bug list .. right now it takes just some time .. so many post to work trough =P

  • for devs issue already reported https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/Eco/issues/402

  • Mine at home took about 10seconds (actually less, but I am rounding up) to start server on my brand new desktop at home. i am presuming it is a RAM issue as my home computer is overpowered in that department. A work server would be using ram for the various other stuff operating on server whereas my home computer is doing nothing but what I tell it.

    (just double checked and experience still was less than 10s)

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