Somewhere to put skillbooks

  • I find that i have no good place to put all skillboks. If you play with friends it gets even more messy with someone maybe having a book someone needs in a private storage somewhere.

    My solution to this and what i think would be cool is that you could use the bookshelves for them.
    For example. If you put a book inside you will once you enter the bookshelve see a list similar to the research table. Only that this time you will only see the available books in the list.

    This way you would have a cool way to store all your books, shelves would get used for more than decoration and everyone can simply learn everything.

  • You can already tell who has made what skill books by looking the tooltips on the skills menu, but not everyone knows this and it is not super intuitive.

    The storage meta-game in ECO does get out of hand very quickly, and there needs to be ways to alleviate it.

    Specialized storage is a step in the right direction. Having specialized storage for food (larder, pantry, or something) would be great too. Stockpiles, if implemented, will store all block items.

    The other thing that will help this is a "garbage" system. All paper items should be burnable and seeds should be able to be thrown away without consequences.

  • Also spending more points in STORAGE would enable you to store more things in your chests would be cool :D

  • how about a library... maybe make it early on from woodworking and it has to be placed in an unclaimed plot of land. The library could allow players to place skill books in them and then allow other players to access them to obtain scrolls.... just saying you want to encourage coop that's a pretty good way to do that. Maybe even make it so to learn a scroll from the library you have to spend skill points.... maybe 1 skill point for early skills and more for the more advanced skills. this would be an alternative to everyone all doing the research and gathering the same materials and depleting them from the world.

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