5.5 Servers?

  • Are there any? I would love to wander around in a 5.5 server and see what it is like.

  • One or Two 5.5 are running but 5.5 is extremely unstable and by most accounts unusable.


  • Well, I can't seem to find any.

  • Just a test server:

  • Thanks! I promise you won't get any ranting from me! I'll just give it a go!

  • @Kane-Hart said:

    When it is running, that is... :)

  • I have a 5.5 server but currently awaiting a few things to be sorted. Honestly it may be best to stick with 5.4 unless you are really into bug reporting.

  • @Screwygirl said:

    @Kane-Hart said:

    When it is running, that is... :)

    Derp I put the wrong port it's and I think lol :)

  • iv been running 5.5 server and its actually not bad there a lot less bugs or issues honestly then what is in 5.4 honestly.

    it is probably just as stable also few COD here on client side but honestly its about same on the 5.4 verison.

    thing bug seem fixed, carts, animal spawning, pollution, along with roads and supposedly farming which are all broken in 5.4 so I dont know to say 5.4 is more stable there both alpha versions nether one is 100% stable or bug free.

  • @midn8t I want to believe you, but most posts I've read up on here states that the 5.5 is not as stable as you make it sound, have they made any changes recently or are you just on a roll? :D

  • @Astranoth said:

    @midn8t I want to believe you, but most posts I've read up on here states that the 5.5 is not as stable as you make it sound, have they made any changes recently or are you just on a roll? :D

    I haven't had any issues with it, other then dead animals lay around from being killed by other animals or old age, seems like animal death and spawn is bit high but other then that. I have no noticed much of issues, I seen more issues in 5.4 honestly I quit playing 5.4 before 5.5 came out and 5.5 is a pleasure to play compared to 5.4 crap.

    both have there issues but issues are bit less in 5.5 at least what I noticed I could not handle one more disappearing cart or losing one more cart due to animal kicking it across map or disappearing thro the ground or bugging out on a road.

    yet alone in 5.4 farming is completely broken and so is water stuff.

    personally if it was not for 5.5 I would not be playing game right now any more, I still be playing empryion or stellerias.

    if I would stuck with 5.4 I would been pulling my hair out of my head by now and been bald few months ago.

    5.5 requires adaption though skill are completely moved around and changed point values are diff and game play in general has changed compared to 5.4 or other verison also everything has slowed down as of the game pace so you spend a lot more time at lower levels of stage in survival tree branch compared to how fast you could unlock stuff in research before 5.5

    I actually think this is right direction to go, I just wish they take away the earning over time skill point thing because its even more of a hurry up and wait off line game then it was in 5.4 or other verison, they really should move to a reward skill points for doing things style game play mechanic then a sit offline reward you with skills.

    because honesty 5.5 is way slower of game play now then 5.4 was or is

    I have one full 24 hours of time in 5.5 and I have unlocked two research books so far, and I still don't have hammer.

    and out of that 24 hours I think I actually only played played about 5 or 6 hours I'm going be starting 2nd 24 hour period and I really have nothing to do in game till I figure out how to get hammer. to unlock more research stuff.

    that being said in the 24 hours my server been up and running, I have not had one crash client or server side other then my 2008 server doing auto update on me.

    as far as I can see right now hammer is only build able and it requires wood and rock but you cant create wood till you unlock research for carpentry and you cant do that research unless you have hammer so I need go and ask what is up with that.

    I think what they should do to help this is do like other games do reward you for actions u do building crafting but also reward you for time in game.

    then let the server admins control these two features and amount of skill handed out for these two options skill over time and skill by action.

    anyways 5.5 is where there headed and it makes changes to game and game play style and every one should be concentrating on what they like or do not like because its next version I honestly think people should be playing that instead of focusing there time on playing a absolute version of the game.

    that way things can get improved along faster over all.

  • @Kane-Hart I tried the address but it says it's incompatible. In fact, almost all of the 5.5 servers say it's incompatible. Did I download the wrong file?

  • OK, I got into one server, but now I have this problem. The info boxes won't close and they are impeding my vision.

    Info boxes

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