ECO makes my computer randomly shutdown

  • Hi there,
    So ever since I started playing ECO I have experienced at least 20 random complete shutdowns of my computer, and only in this game, and I watched my temps during the game and it's not that.

    Literally ECO is the only game that has ever done this to me, so maybe there is some memory leak?

    CPU: 930-i7 @ 2,4 quad
    Motherboard: Gigabyte
    Ram: 14gb HyperX
    OS: Windows 10 64 bit
    GFX: MSI GTX960 4 gb

  • No, It's either Heating Issues, Bad Memory, Even overclocking issue. I know you said it's not a heading issue but it could easily be the FSB. Either way Ways/Programs these days really don't cause PC's to crash.

    And you might say no other games do it but another game might not be using a particular feature on the cpu/gpu that it triggers an issue or a special allocation of memory and such.

  • Yes that sounds like you have an overheat issue. You might wanna remove dust from your computer to resolve the issue.

    Compressed air is the easiest way to do that but be careful that you hold air bottles always strait and only give it short burst so and make sure the compressed air bottle is not getting to cold because it might spit out very cold air that will make ice from on your computer =)

  • Sounds like it might be a PSU issue, if temps are okay. It could be just a matter of poor optimization is causing the components to draw more power which is causing the shutdown. Memory leak would result in a BSOD at most, not a complete shutdown.

    You can run Furmark's CPU stress test or video test to verify they're both okay, this will show power draw as well.

    Hope you get it figured out, remember PC issues are just excuses to buy new parts or in my case, job security :)


  • What other games do you play? A quick dusting off the inside of my computer fixed the problem for me, and for some reason I had two separate temperatures for my cpu, so at first I thought it wasn't overheating as well. If your computer runs other hardware intensive games and doesnt crash, it's just overheating, if the other games you run aren't hardware intensive, it's your power supply failing when it needs to draw more power for this game

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