Performance issue

  • Since the 0.5 update the game is performing extremely poorly (very bad framerate and rendering) even on lowest graphic options. I have a 1 year old MSI laptop and Eco now runs much worse than Fallout 4 does.

    Is this a common problem? Is there something I can do to improve the performance?

  • Any chance your playing a more populated or larger world then normal. There is a lot of things that could effect this sadly. Try keeping the mini map closed as well. I have a pretty beefy pc and right now the game is really bad.

  • The latest 5.5 release has huge performance improvements, to bad its unplayable due to bugs.

    Try lowering your viewing distance that helps a lot.


  • Couple weeks and a lot of those bugs will be squashed :)

  • viewdistance max 100 helped me a lot ! and keep the map closed

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