Suggestions for the developers

  • Skills
    Let me start by giving you a little story to get my point across.

    A friend (let’s call him X) and I bought the two-pack alpha package. We started at the same time. The only difference was, I had a week off and he had to work all week. X started learning cooking for the both of us, so he can provide us with the necessary nutrition’s. Now one week later. I build an entire town with facilities for all professions. Friend X did nearly nothing the entire week. X was online for about 30 minutes a day, just to improve his cooking by using the skill points he earned offline and by using the facilities I build to provide us with food.
    While I did all the hard work I had to deal with using calories efficiently all day. Because of this my skill point gain is all over the place the entire day. Because X did nothing all day, his skill point gain was stable the entire day.

    Now at the end of the week X has even more skill points than me. He learned even more professions than me without lifting a finger or even looking at the other professions.

    I get it you don’t want people with limited play time to feel useless, but this is in my opinion just bad game design.

    Now let me suggest how it should be in my opinion even for players with limited play time:
    Skill point gain should be based on effort and changed into categories. So, for example: Cooking bread will improve the skill gain in the cooking category. While carpentry will earn you skill points in the carpentry category. This way you can specialize in one profession, because you put effort in that profession.

    You can still reward players with limited time. For example, if you bake like 50 pies while offline you still get the skill points the next time you’ll logon. Players with limited play time can use build orders or contracts to improve their skill while offline. By doing this, the buyer gets the stuff they requested and the chef gets the skilll points. This way you can be a pro chef even with limited playtime.

    Now for the people who do have too much time on their hands, they have the advantage that they can learn just about everything with a huge amount of effort. (you can even scale up the skill points the more they learn).

    Looking at the realistic simulation of the game. Since this is a game learning about the environment you want to encourage people to destroy the environment as much as possible, because it will improve the way they live. That there are friendlier ways is beside the point. The best way to do this, is by gaining skill points by crafting, cutting, sewing stuff.

    Eating should affect how well you perform physically in the game. So, with a balanced diet, you can cut faster / better, jump higher, run faster, swim faster, bake more etc.

    Meteor end game
    The end game should be the greed of the players. Earthquakes because of all the drilling, flooding because of global warming, toxic air because of all the smog, unlivable lands because of pollution. Or if you play it right you could live in harmony because of good laws and a lot of extra work by investing in the environment. (using the right energy, clean fuel, planting back tree’s etc.). This in my opinion a better ending than the random meteor server wipe.