Make carts and chest public after a given time

  • So I'm running into a big problem now. There is a ton of carts just out and about. I think many are from players that stopped playing. By default the they should be made public after 4 or 5 days without the owner/s using it.

    UPDATE: I think the same should happen with chest giving it isn't on the persons property or allowed property. I can't remember, but I think if you add a chest to your land. Then make the land public. The chest is still marked as your chest.
    I need to test this

  • I support a option for this as well. Maybe default 7 days. Played a lot of sandbox games and common things like carts, chests, etc will get scattered like mad. I am brand new as of today but I know this will be a problem. I read that you can stack things via chests of 10? So people might also be spamming chests too. Sadly chests also store most important things.

  • @Kane-Hart
    Chest can be fixed by when land changes ownership or becomes public. The owner of the chest becomes unknown (public) and unlocked.

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