Alpha 5.5 Staging current changelogs

  • This post will be continually updated with the changelog for alpha 5.5. The staging build for alpha 5.5 is available now, but be advised that game saves may not migrate correctly to the official 5.5 release.

    General Notes

    • 5.4 saves will not automatically convert to 5.5, there is a migration tool you can run that is currently found in the discord announcements channel. This might not work 100%, and if it doesn't you should let me know.
    • We have switched to a new proprietary game save format, there may be some new bugs with this, please keep a note of any oddities you see.
    • All skills that unlock recipes have had their point cost reduced and all efficiency/speed skills have had their post cost changed to reflect their point on the skill tree. All efficiency and speed skills have also had their scaling drastically increased. This should allow faster earlier progress at the cost of more resources and help increase the disparity between skilled and unskilled labor.
    • All crafting recipes now have increased cost and craft time to reflect the higher possible efficiency and speed skills.

    Bug Fixes

    • Carts physics has been improved and should be less frustrating.
    • Increased the speed of moving large stacks of items between inventories
    • Prevented animal carcasses from being destroyed if the player tries and fails to picks them up
    • Fixed minimap filter panel scrolling
    • Prevented reverting to FPS controls when clicking on the background of a UI window
    • Fixed chat log time stamps giving the incorrect time
    • Fixed deeds stacking up when removing carts
    • Fixed Tailoring, and some other table placement
    • Server should use considerably less memory once world generation has completed. About 500MB for a 1km² sized world.
    • The laser and world-saving prevention measures are fixed.

    New Features

    • Property claim visualization

    • Added /unclaim command for admins

    • Added hotkeys to some action bar buttons

    • Farming and Agriculture simulation now includes nutrients and fertilizers.

    • Oil is now a finite resource.

    • Tailoring has added some new craftable clothing options that give minor bonuses. Note: tailoring as a whole is still early in development with more to come in the future.

    • Drag and resize cursors, and more flexible window resizing

    • Links in text that can have tooltips and perform various actions when clicked

    • Automatic addition of said links to player chat messages

    • Tooltips for many items have been improved significantly

    • Vocal sound effects

    • New sound and effects for tree logging. Felling trees is destructive to the immediate area of the tree, and will destroy any plants when the tree hits the ground.

    • Currency

    • You can now create currencies at a Mint, using Gold Ingots. Currencies can be utilized at stores or for taxation purposes.

    • Projects and work orders
      You can now start a recipe without the required ingredients so long as you meet the skill requirements. Whenever new materials are added to the craft table storage, they will automatically be applied to a project. The time required to craft will raise until it reaches the same percent as materials, allowing multiple people to collaborate on a single project asynchronously.

    • Contracts
      Players can now create contracts in a store, offering to buy labor. There are currently two types of contracts:

      1. Crafting/delivery contract. With this contract, you specify the materials you want and where you want them, by placing a new ‘Depot’ object. When the Depot detects the required materials are added, it will move them to your private storage and complete the contract.
      2. Construction contract. This type of contract allows you to specify you want a given kind of table placed at a specific location. When the table is placed at the exact location (and working, thus requiring the surrounding building to be constructed) the contract completes.
        Payment is held in escrow until the contract finishes (either successfully or failed after a number of hours). A deposit is held that is lost if the contract cannot be completed. For construction contracts, the contractor will get temporary building rights to finish the job. Contracts can only use currency.
    • Table Fees
      Once a table is using currency, a fee can be assigned to its use. Fees can be defined both per-minute and per-item.

    • Economy Viewer
      The Economy Viewer is a new button on the bottom right of the UI which shows you all the things for sale, things wanted for purchase, and contracts, as well as craft tables and what’s being crafted at them.

    • Taxes
      The Treasury object now allows the elected leader of the server to set the tax rate on four kinds of taxes:

      1. Sales Tax. This tax is applied on sales in a store (buying or selling).
      2. Labor Tax. This tax is applied on contract payments.
      3. Crafting Tax. This tax is applied on fees specified on a table.
      4. Direct Payment Tax. This tax is applied when using the /pay command to pay other users.
        Taxes are collected in any currency used in the server, thus the treasury may contain multiple currencies if there are multiple currencies in the world.
        The server leader can also allocate funds, choosing which players get how much money, and why. This can be used especially for public works projects, funding the construction of roads etc. A global message will be sent when funds are allocated.

  • Well done! Proof that you listen to the community!

  • I never realized until today that Soylent Vision™ was something I needed in my life!

  • hopefully the construction orders aren't gonna get people building 2x2's that go up into the sky just to troll the person requiring work

  • @NoBlackThunder said:

    New bugs

    • (lots)

    Is that a threat? xD

    No worries, we'll find them :)

  • @NoBlackThunder said:
    there is a migration tool you can run that is currently found in the discord

    Where can I find the Discord chat info so I can download the Migration tool?

  • Not sure where I am supposed to post bugs I find but... In this new staged alpha, you cannot harvest any plants without an exception being thrown. I can send the exception details if you want, but the message is "An item with the same key has already been added".

  • Am I the only one facing incredibly slow download speed when trying to get the most recent 5.5 staging? :)

  • @Brexin212 Staging builds are fairly new so we still thinking about how we like to do the bug report handling there.

    Since staging builds are early builds that contain allot of bugs and most of them we are aware of.

    So for now you can make a new post in the bug section marked as "[Staging , Version] Bug ..." Since we are aware of most of them i think its important that we dont report every small bug yet but rather concentrate on critical game breaking bugs like the 100% loading bug or missing chunk bugs we had in alpha 5.4. Something that can be fixed with a simple restart from time to time or can have another simple workaround is kind of lower prioritized right now in staging bugs.

  • @NoBlackThunder If I upgrade for source code access, and fix a few bugs (pretty good at C# myself), how long does it usually take to get those bugs pushed to a future build? Just curious of course.

  • depends on did you make a pull request? you might have to message meta on discord and say hey i mad a pull request when its ready,
    Then he will check and if everything looks good those should go directly into the master

  • Storage cannot be picked up with this build. You get the message "You do not have the proper deed in your inventory".

    Their is a bug that can result in you getting stuck in dirt, and the /unstuck command doesn't result in freeing you. I had to use a shovel and remove the offending dirt. Stupid dirt got in my way :)

    I noticed that the Casting 5 issue still exists from 5.4. Steel Rivets still require Casting 5 but the skill tops out at 4.

    Thanks for the hard work and look forward to more updates :D


  • I tried the latest 5.5 staging and after a few second pressing E to pick up a beet I got disconnected, and it happened every time. Just thought you like to know, I am not able to remember what the error was called.

  • Since I cant edit my previous post, also the storage is reported as 10kg / 20kg at all times with this build.
    It looks to be tracked because you can fill up you inventory but the indicator remains 10kg / 20kg.

    I was able to run a server and pickup all types of plants.


  • I would also like to throw in that (at least for me) the day/time indicator in game does not work at all in 5.5

  • @Zandesh I had this happen upon a refresh of my server. It gave an error to the tune of "Cannot pickup item because item already exists in inventory with same id". don't quote me on that.


  • List:

    • I am having diffiulties (or can't) jump over two blocks of dirt - was this change intentional?
    • Tried to harvest Fireweed with scythe - disconnected once
    • Couldn't pick up beet - disconnected twice
    • Couldn't pick up corn - disconnected once
    • Tried to harvest Bison with scythe - disconnected once
    • So many dead animals (server issue?)
    • Moving stacks to backpack and picking up new items will create new stack in toolbelt instead of adding to a stack in the backpack.
    • picking up more than 10 kg dosn't add up and stays at 10 kg


    • Desert Drifter - nice description, but it doesn't show any gains
    • Research skill tree - last skill on right side doesn't show any tooltip

    Changes are so drastic - that's something completely different, perhaps better we shall see

  • @Foolish_Crok ,

    The jumping over 2 dirts, did you have clambering off? that might be why

    Also to add:

    Unable to find any camas bulb.
    Carp table had no blueprint while placing.

    Beets and corn were fine for me.

    Dead animal corpses: Maybe due to wolves killing for fun and only partly eat some of them, giving you a message when you try and pick the corpses up that they've already been harvested by someone else.
    If you have too many corpses in an area, the game start lagging badly.

    no bonus on picking up prickly pears (desert drifter) or camas bulb?

  • Seems to be a sort of DB issue when it comes to a fresh world and undiscovered entities. After a few disconnects the server finally calms down. Disconnect message about duplicates.

    Caught exception invoking RPC Playerinteract on player1
    ** An item with the same key has already been added.**

    Disconnected during first few attempts gathering.

    • Grass

    • Logs

    • Corn

    • Fire Lotus?

    • Beets

    And after beets server crashed.

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