Trouble with simultaneously installed graphics cards

  • I have a rather strong laptop with a 780m in it in addition to the basic intel graphics. However I am not sure the game is playing nice with this situation. Does the game run any java or exterior render code from another resource.
    I ask because Gamers like me using software switch card setups need to be able to tell the video card to run anything related to render, or else that bit of the game will not run using the better card. (for example switch card players need to relocate java every time it updates to play minecraft smoothly)

    A explanation into what resources the game needs to access would help.

  • No the game runs the unity engine. though its not so unknown that unity games do not get detected at games. You might wanna tell you computer in your nvidia control panel to always use your 780m .. that will drain your battery a bit faster but that should be a good workaround for now

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