[Enhancement / Suggestion] Building aids

  • I would like to see some kind of visual aid when placing blocks on structures. It appears to me that a new block is placed on that side of another block which is in the center of the screen (Minecraft style). There are cases (steep angles or far away blocks) where it is not clear which side is used. This leads to missplaced blocks, which is frustrating.

    I would suggest highlighting the face in question or drawing a crosshair in the center of the screen.

    Great game so far, i'm enjoying it alot.

  • For me there is a square on the side I am aiming at for placing blocks or mining them.

  • Yes, now i'm seeing it too, thanks for the tip.

    But i'm playing on lowest display settings and in that mode the aid is barely visible. It is drawn white on a block highlighted in white, which has caused me not seeing it.

  • moving this to feedback section =)

  • Yes I want to make that cursor more clear and easy to use, and give feedback on how long it will take to finish. Thanks for the tip.

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