Can someone explain how the game purchases work?

  • so im looking at getting the game.. but i want to get it for a few family members first but dont wanna buy them all right now because well.. i wanna test it out first.

    im confused to what they mean by Number of game copies is a total amount. It does not add onto your current copies.

    does this mean if i buy my first game.. decided hey my wife will like this. than purchase another copy i pay 70dollars ? for the second copy? or does it mean that nomatter how long it takes me if i buy a second copy it will only cost me 30 for a total of 70? anyone with any sort of enlightenment to this would be great thankyou!

  • I cannot say for sure but we bought the 4 pack and the purchaser sent us the key so that we activate it on our account.

    I know for a fact that if you buy the game at $40, and then buy another it will be $40 also, but I beleive that the second purchase will have some sort of discount from what I heard. so it may be cheaper then $40 (for the second copy). Most probably this works as if you bought the couple pack.

    Hope this answers your questions :)

  • Howdy !

    So you can buy 1 game access for for 40$ now.

    You will then have upgrade options for the 2 and 4 pack on your account. Upgrading to the 2 pack will cost 30$ ( normaly cost 70 if you buy the 2 pack right away) So your discount is automatically applied and what you payed is aromatically subtracted from the original package cost.

  • @NoBlackThunder Thankyou Very Much!!

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