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  • I made an awesome town that was perfect :D . but then my hosting company had to change something , long story short , i had to wipe my server. and bam ! my main town was gone , i need a mod where i can save my town and implement it later on if this happens again , i know it must be possible because you can spawn a town with a command . there has to be a way to save my town and spawn it later ?!?! . i understand this may be a leap . but it would be really useful , anyone on board with me ??

  • Ask him:

    @kalilove707 said:

    i need a mod where i can save my town and implement it later
    spawn a town with a command

    In minecraft you had mods and seeds for that
    That have to be posted in modding community, but I think it is too soon.

  • There is no mod right now where you can save your town .. though i wonder if modders could not create one.

  • There is not mod yet to save a building to put it back later, but as you said you hade to wipe the whole server,
    Since you lost the whole server save file, why not make use of the back-up system that is build in the eco server.

    By default the eco server setings make a back-up every 30minits and keeps 5 back-ups you can adjust it to more or less save intervalts and more or less back-ups kept depending on your diskspace availible, if the host is not always 100% reliable, Copy the last back-up to another location online or on your local pc.

    If you dont know how it works here is a short explanation/example.
    Default server map structure: \EcoServer_v0.5.4-alpha\Storage\Backup
    Copy the last newest file in backup to another save location, local or online, (example file name :
    To restore your server from the back-up file. Copy the back-up file to,

    And rename the file to:

    Your server save file is restored, even after wiping a server just make sure to have a back-up file stored and keep it up to date.

    Greetings Zaskersky,

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