We need fish

  • One of the things we need is fish. It kinda sucks how no animals are underwater (but the birds and whatnot that are glitched out). Pollution and fresh/salt water should mess with them.

    It would be interesting to also be able to fish them for food or whatever. Maybe use the scrap meat or food for bait. (Note in real life some fish eat meat, while others don't)

  • Yeah, the oceans look pretty dead right now. But I think that for there to be fish, there needs to be a simple ecosystem:

    • Seaweed
    • Fish, which eat seaweed
    • Sharks, which eat fish

    Also, I don't know what ever happened to it, but I remember in the promotional material for this game, there was footage of an Orca. If they modeled it, I imagine they're planning to add it to the game at some point

    Oceans look a lot better in 5.5, if you haven't played yet. They are much deeper, but still need dressing.

  • I was talking about fishing for cooking month ago, but this one requires:

    • new models
    • new icons
    • new xyz [name it]
    • new mechanics (e.g: fishing, predators...)

    There is literally a metric ton of ideas...
    Simply wait or donate and tinker with us, code it urself because that''s gonna take time... a lot.
    (Take it as encouragement, would be nice to have more people working on :) )

  • John talked about extending the eco system to the see with marine life, So fishing might come in the future ;)

  • Hmm, I see plenty of wild life underwater, butterflies, birds, elk, bison. I don't think fish are necessary at all. Altho I did see a vid once of a whale jumping out of water

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