Underwater Improvements

  • I know this has probably been overlooked as it doesn't have a large effect on game play right now but i believe if we fix aqueducts and farming using water will become a major part of the game. This is why i am proposing a two tweaks.

    1. Being able to mine/dig objects submerged in water. This is a major one as of right now you are unable to grab dirt under water with a shovel even if its within reach. Basically anything underwater is untouchable and because water is basically unstoppable, everything under water is invulnerable. This became super annoying when a troll on my server started dropping tailings into the rivers killing my servers bean and huckleberry population. Cleaning it up was a horror show that destroyed the landscape around the river and took 2 players over an hour.

    2. Improve jump height in water. Pretty simple right now getting out of a river is pretty much impossible unless you swim up the river and jump out to a lower height. Simply improving it so one can easily get out of water onto land of the same height would be awesome.

  • I'm able to dig underwater. I am even starting a underwater glass tunnel highway.

  • Was this added and i didnt notice? Ill have to retest this

  • @iflounder I haven't played before 5.4. So IDK, but check to see if you're on 5.4.

  • i would say these things are fixed .. we builded caves under water and more .. and jumping out is easy too

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