[Question] Will physics be implemented?

  • Hi there,
    So i'm still beating around the bushes (12 hours played) as i'm new to ECO Global, and still trying to find a server that suits my needs and wants. However, I was wondering whether physics where to be implemented in a larger scale e.g when building and you remove the pillars/parts of the foundation and then the building can be become unstable and eventually break down?

    Honestly, it would add more of a challenge to the game that you have to also take maintain and take care of your town, not having floating walls, if you were hit by natural disasters etc, so you actually have to face some potential dangers - I know this is not minecraft, however i'd like that there's external threats that require people to be active on servers, because it is my impression that people hoard skills, resources, after a short while then they quit.

  • This is a nice idea but the issue is that physics like that would add allot more strain to the client and the server. This is something we try to avoid very hard right now. So depending on how much we manage to optimize eco we might take a look at that after release again maybe.

  • Would be nice when you remove a stone that there is a question to all stone and dirt around if they have to fall down.
    Right now only when i place dirt in the air it falls to the ground but when i erase dirt around dirt it hangs in the air... so would be nice if you say "when brick gets hit then refresh 10 bricks around if they are in the air or not or should fall" doesnt sounds very hard to make.

  • I would say not hard to make but it's extra checks. You want to do a decent system where it's not too taxing and of course only calculated in a small area. There is more to it then that but in the end it will be the cost of performance even just checking.

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