Economy inquiry

  • So the way I piece it together we are getting a lot of economy focused tweets in the next update of 5.5 and we will have a working currency but I don't know how much of this is true, rumor, or just me seeing what I want.

    Is there a clear picture, perhaps a blog or thumbnail with a more accurate picture of very short term objectives and accomplishment so we can actively discuss upcoming features and maybe root out concerns or problems before valuable codeing time is expended on things that may not work?

    I ask because I only have a glimpse of some ideas for economy and heard we may have actual money to carry from store to store. I wanted to suggest treating money like a weightless item that people can choose to barter with and set the value of each coin. The reasoning being I might rather barter for items than currency or I might want to tinker with prices that may not translate well from stall to stall.

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