Start a kickstarter to add more features

  • I understand this game didn't make enough from the kickstarter to allow us to go to other planets, or whatever. Giving things get a bit stable with what we have now, I'm wondering if it's possible for the devs to start it back up to get the funding for the higher end things

    I think there will be a higher level of success since people can actually play part of the game right now, and with that there is hard evidence we can trust the developers.

  • The plan is to finish the base game and then depending on how well it sales keep expanding and adding onto it after the release. I think making a new kickstarter would cause people to get angry and rant about it. There are several similar games that made a second kickstarter where this happent

  • @NoBlackThunder
    Maybe a patreon. I agree the base game should come first.

  • features can be also added via mods, which add more ot the game ;)

  • Just say no to the kickstarter/patreon/gofundme funding model!

    Crowdfunding is like devs eating a donut. It's delicious, exciting, and gives them a burst of energy, but is unhealthy.

    More traditional funding model is like eating your vegetables. Boring and arduous, but healthy.

    OK, it's kind of a stupid analogy, but you get the point.

    See: DayZ, Shroud of the Avatar, two games I had high hopes for and many other people did, but turned into massive disappointments.

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