Mod Help: Teleport Other Users?

  • so both me and my fiancee are experiancing the 100% object glitch, been working with an admin to try and fix it. tried the mod that was posted for it at

    but its not working, admin doesn't recieve an error so its like the code thinks its working...but isn't. Ideally would like to make a mod that the admin can use to TP other users to him...or to given coordinates. Seen similar mods for self teleportation and been trying to modify those so little luck atm, any help about? :)

  • Wel the mod you posted does work but it works difrently then decribed from what i can understand in your text,
    when a player get the bug, it doesent show a error thats is correct, but a player knows that its going on. so the player should contacht a admin on the server if the have the mod installed. and ask them to typ /tpo (playername capital sensetive) and perform the command when the player is offline/not atempting to login. then the mod will teleport the bugged player to default world spawn location.

    but the only way to make it work is to have a form of contact with a server admin on the server where the buged happend, so email/skype/teamspeak/ discord/.....

    The reason the console is not geting a bug is that, when the bug happens a player is at location -x2........ z-2x...., and y-2x..... meaning the player fell of the world. and when trying to log back in the server cant get the player back online cause it doesen know how to load the area.

    if the admin/players have problems making the mod work correctly the can contact me at discord:
    Greetings Zaskersky,

  • Hiya, we did have trouble getting it to work, painful trouble. However I was able to edit a current mod to make it so admins can teleport users to their location. Whilst I was logged in but frozen on 100% my admin was able to execute the command, then my game continued to world load and let me in. Once I've tidied up the code a bit I'll be posting it :)

  • Ghosten ! Hurry please, i Can't get the TPO thing to work. I have done everything by the book, but i am not that great with code.

  • Heya sorry for the delay.

    I've included the mod which definately works, however it is not admin only and could potentially be used in an abusive way. So ideally it should be removed after your stuck people are freed. Also I'm not sure how the mod works if the user is offline, unable to do testing at the moment. Once I have though I'll repost the entire mod in new thread :)


    A hat tip to Clay as this was modified from his Teleport Mod from his Toolkit, I think it may be necessary to include his toolkit into mods and then replace claystk - tp with the file above.

    Clays Toolkit

  • I cannot get either of these to work. Both just crash the server.

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