Nyefari's Mods : Warp Signs

  • Good Morning!

    Yes its true. You can now set up public warps using signs.

    Replace WoodSignObject.cs in Server/Mods/Objects

    If a sign has text that reads: [Teleport] x,y,z or [T] and has coordinates of the form x,y,z in the sign (see example below)
    then any player who right clicks that sign will be teleported to the coordinates x,y,z. Note that this is case-sensitive and the space is required between the end bracket and the first coordinate.

    [Teleport] 221,46,943
    [T] 0,50,0
    [T]o The Mines! 76,29,392

    Important Info:
    If the Creator left clicks on the sign, they can still edit it as normal. Right clicks on signs that are not teleports will act as normal.


    Now requires permission in the area you are trying to teleport to. Also fixed crashing on blank signs. Now ignores other text.

    Rezoken - Without this guy, this mod would never have been created.
    LRWerewolf - For encouraging a more rigorous testing process and dummy checks within the code.
    SLG Team - I'm really loving Eco so far. Thank you guys so much!

  • There is also now a version that makes it so only admins can create Warp Signs. Download, rename to WoodSignObject.cs and replace the file of the same name in Mods/Objects.


  • This is great! Can't wait to see what other stuff people make once I fix the client side mods....

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