Authentication Issues when connecting to ECO Server

  • Hello friends,

    I setup a fresh Alpha server today on a dedicated VPS and had quite a heap of issues getting it to show up in the Server browser (and connecting directly for that matter). Once the ECO server was online, any attempts to connect to the server failed, but the console did display this error message: "Disconnecting Client [reason: inactivity] ... Unknown client inactive for longer than 30 seconds etc etc etc" (See screenshot). If I looked on the config form (Network -> Display) I could see that the authentication user name was empty (See screenshot). After about 30 minutes of letting both the server and client run in the backround, I was finally able to see my server show up in game under favorites, but not under the server browser. I told my brother that the server was finally online (lives in a different house than I), but he was un-able to connect via "Add Server". I'm not exactly sure what the issue can be, but I know its not my VPS causing the problems. I have windows firewall completly disabled and I verified that ports 2999-3001 are open via an website that checks ports. Hopefully this post can give the devs some clues about the possible problems with people connecting to servers.

    EDIT: After removing the server from my favorites, I am again unable to connect to my server when re-adding it back into favorites. It just shows offline all the time now. I am able to connect to the world map in my remote browser just fine.

  • Update: So My brother and I were finally able to connect to the server, but we might have found a bug in the process! The GameServer is on port 3000 (default), and the WebServer on port 3001 (default). In order for my brother and I to connect to the server, we have to click "Add Server" in game, and type the IPAddress on Port 3001 (, the Webserver address). Im not sure that this is intended behavior, but it finally allows us to see the server status in the server browser correctly, and connect to the server without issues. If we then try and connect to the GameServer on the correct port (3000), again we cannot connect and play, and the server shows a disconnect after 30 seconds like before.

    The server still does not show up in the server browser when not favorited however, and i can't seem to figure out what that is, since it can be connected to via direct IP.

  • are you using any third party firewall or antivirus on your computers?

  • @NoBlackThunder said:

    are you using any third party firewall or antivirus on your computers?

    No 3rd party antivirus no... The server uses pfSense as a firewall, but I can assure you it is setup correctly (especially since we are able to connect to the server via port 3001). The VPS is running on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 with BitDefender and Windows Firewall turned completely off.

  • I have often seen that disabling firewall does not work only because they still keep blocking applications. I have helped several people that used like several antivirus that have blocked eco even when disabled :/

  • I have been having this issue for a few days now. Initially I was able to connect using port 3000. After the 7.2.5 update my server kept showing as offline. If I re-add it as port 3001 it works. So someone reintroduced this bug, or quite simply the documentation is wrong.