Server Crash 5.4 Related to Cart

  • If issue already been fixed in past or discovered please remove.


    • Server crashed with this error shown below.

    • A player had several deeds for a cart and picked the cart up which threw the server error.

    If more information is required please request.


    Thank you


  • Yes its a know issue but not happening to often .. there should be allot of cart fixes in 5.5 already. its currently as an experimental staging build and will soon be released

  • We have the exact same issue on our server and no way to start again the server. Can we expect an hotfix?

  • Where can i try the experimental staging build ? Only with Dev Account ?

  • @Endimmion
    Ive also hade this problem, a way to fix the problem is using a back-up of the server, by default the server does a back-up every 30minits and saves 5 back-up's.

    after using the back-up its should be good in most cases, if the server still crashes at the same point of time after using the back-up.
    It means there is a cart in your world that keeps causing it to crash, ask the server members to remove there carts and place em again.

    hope this helps,

    To Download 5.5

    go to,
    and login, then at the download section you can find the 5.5 client and server build, that is in test phase.