Is this game designed to be played in groups?

  • I am concerned about this game, I am currently on the fence in reguards to purchase, But the make or break deal for me is if the game can be played effectively in small groups or solo, Does this game need an active, large player base to be worth buying?

  • Im currently playing solo on a server , its hard ,, there are a lot of skills and it takes time to do many things alone as you need so many skills ,, specialization definitely would help greatly. Doing things takes time too ,, moving 100 stone can be a chore , more would help. So it is possible to solo and im having fun while i wait for people to join, but it would be a lot more fun with a small group.

  • Yes, but small groups work fine. Our group was 6, but not too much would have changed with 3 or 4. Playing solo is likely painful, but a little bit more rewarding for the same reason.