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  • I noticed that Strange Loop devs often use Facebook to post videos and pictures of features they are working on or improving.

    A lot of people don't realize that these updates exist, simply because they miss them, don't use FB, or don't follow SLG.

    I thought it would be nice to share those updates on the forums so that more people can see them and we can have a discussion about it.

    For example, a topic was just posted on this forum about how carts are broken. It's a common topic, and I think a lot of people probably missed this cart video from Feb. 13:

    Then there's this video from Feb. 15 showing a bit of how agriculture works in 5.5:

    And an image showing some of the helpful tooltips in 5.5:


    I get that Facebook maybe delivers this stuff to a wider audience and those still on the fence about purchasing (hey, I first heard about the game from FB), but a lot of people are left out of the loop I think.

    I'd like to ask the devs to share these on the forums if possible. If I can find a way to embed Facebook video on this forum, I have no problem doing it.

  • Oh, thanks, I don't do fb. Any word about stack splitting in 5.5 so servers don't crash when people are moving 100 pitch into their inv?
    Or, just these crashes:
    at Eco.Shared.Networking.RPCManager.InvokeOn(BSONObject bson, Object controller, String methodname)
    at Eco.Plugins.Networking.Clients.Client.ViewRPC(Guid guid, String methodname, BSONObject bson)
    Caught exception invoking RPC PerformTrade on StoreComponent!

    at Eco.Gameplay.Items.InventoryChangeSet.Apply()
    at Eco.Gameplay.Components.StoreComponent.PerformTrade(Player purchaser, BSONObject tradeData)
    Could not apply inventory changes! Inventory is full.]...

  • Stack splitting works on the latest 5.5 staging build. It's a bit clumsy, though. I'm not sure if big stacks still have calculation problems.

    Keep track of bugs on github:

    Submit your own if you are certain you're using the latest version (including staging) and you are certain the bug has not been reported before (do a search for key terms).

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