• the carts keep bouncing around all the time when u drive them on the ramps

  • this issue has been reported multiple times on the forums. a ticket already exists on github, it should be fixed by devs soon :)

  • 5.5 should have fixes for many carts issues . but its not released yet .. but will release soon

  • We just have gotten the technology to the motorized carts and yes they bounce all over like the hand carts due - glad to hear that will be addressed in 5.5 - I hear whining about it every day :) What about the carts just moving to other places then where parked or jumping up to the roof of the nearest building when a player logs out? Plus they give a deed every time you pick them up to bring them home... we have about 10 chests full of cart deeds at the moment

    What about the motorized cart and fuel - I know it is running without fuel now but will it need fuel in 5.5? And what about being able to turn it off when its not in use so the fuel does not just keep burning up? Also, we have the problem that at times, when the owner gets on they cannot drive or move the cart - even after logging in and out multiple times, picking it up and putting it down and so on but someone else can come along and use it.

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