• I was dragging a stack of pitch into my "carrying" slot, and it wasn't supposed to go there, however when I tried to put it over to the kiln it caused the game to crash, consistently.

    Furthermore the private storage is not to be accessed even if you build on a ground with deed rights granted, which shouldn't be the case. Also all wildlife always dies at random, and if not they tele lag/glitch all over the place, gets stuck in objects e.g on roof tiles and so forth, making it impossible to be a hunter.

    Wood carts gets stuck in the road for no particular reason at all, sometimes they get slung around and defies all rules of physics.

    The lack of the agricultural and tailoring part is also a mood breaker.

    You can't split stacks, it doesn't work even when you press shift and so forth.

    Suggestion: Hydration should be a thing if you want to go for a realistic survival scenario, since you already added nutrients and so forth to the diet to give a realistic take on your global eco life, then it feels half-arsed not taking this into account, also hydration for hydroponics and so forth in the future.

  • all of these thinks are actually known bugs and those are fixed in 5.5 ( when its released)

    Carts will have lots of fixes and should be better ,
    Stack splitting is confirmed fixed
    agriculture has had a major overhaul to its game system.

    Other bugs will also be addressed =)

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