Skills are everywhere... why?

  • I think it drives me mad just a little bit when I am trying to find anything related to wood construction.
    I was looking for a skill which reduces boards usage / increases efficiency of board production.
    At the moment we have:

    • Basic Crafting (Survival tab)
    • Carpentry Research (Research tab)
    • Carpentry (Carpentry)
    • Workbench Construction (Civics)

    I am scrolling through all the skills to find answer. I wonder how many people have the same issue.
    It is not just about wood construction but with cooking too:

    • Campfire cooking (Survival tab)
    • Culinary research (Research tab)
    • Cooking (Cooking tab)

    So if I want to do something which uses Campfire I also have to scroll through all skills, because
    I have Campfire Cooking in Survival and Campfire Creations in Cooking tab
    So in the end I have two different skill trees in two different places that improves usage of one 'workbench'

    That's supposed to be constructive criticism so I have solution perhaps:

    To research cooking put it in research as culinary research, and everything related to campfire will be
    in cooking tab under Campfire skill tree which divides into:

    • Campfire Cooking and
    • Campfire Creations.

    Same goes for wood construction - if we want to make it clear
    Let players activate wood construction through research and put everything related to wood construction in Carpentry tab
    You could put all the skills from survival tab and civics (lol) into carpentry
    So skills like:

    • Building Construction*
    • Workbench Construction
    • Storage
    • Basic Crafting

    Will be under Carpentry.
    Or You can put everything in tab Construction which will divide into wood construction.**

    Not * yet sure about this one . Trying to find logical solution.
    ** Just a suggestion?

  • I too am enjoying the game, but I was just commenting on this exact problem with the guys over on our server: I struggle to identify the following:

    • Resources required
    • Level
    • Skill
    • Skill points
    • Book

    If we could see the overlap between different skills and an ordered checklist that would be helpful.

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