No whitelist, open to everyone TY Justin :)

  • Hello :)
    Justin from Singularity Hosting has been kind enough to basically donate some ECO servers to the community. I received access to one and i would like to share with anyone who was having as much trouble connecting , staying connected ,, and having a fit when the server im playing on goes down for hours.
    So the one i received is open no whitelist ,stock size ( i think it can be made larger on the fly but i have no idea ), no meteor ( 300 days out anyways ) and no laws yet. Bullying and belittling in chat will get you removed as i think this game is about working together ( if i hear one person suggesting to keep skills from new players cuz they will ruin the world, i will loose my .... ,,, jus sayin). i just want to share with everyone the great server that donated to us :)
    For the few days i been playing on it ,,(once i figured out how to use RDP lol ) the server has not gone down once. The ping for me is 100 or so depending time of day, i am west coast and i believe the server is central US. I have had no hiccups at all ,, ( no loosing connection , no loosing sync, no idle messages in the middle of doing something, and the server has never gone down without me telling it to. )

    Server IS listed in the server manager.
    server name:

    I will be keeping it no whitelist and doing my best to manage it as long as i have it. All are welcome !

    Thank you Justin :)

  • Update: Uptime for the server has been 100% for the past 4 days ! Not a single problem (other then my own problems with knowin' how to rdp lol).

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