Earth v5.5 24/7 Dedicated Sydney Based

  • Hey There,

    I am the Owner of Earth. Ha! Well anyway, Earth is a friendly community based server where each player helps each other out. We are constantly growing as we have the best ping Australian server. Within a week, we already had 74 citizens jumping onto the server. We are working currently to make a village with market place and a road so you don't get lost. Once you build your own home, we will connect the road to your house so you will never get lost and so people will easily find your house too.

    I have great plans for this server. We have a small discord so you are able to talk to other players and get connected. We back up the server frequently so if something happens, we will be able to fix it.

    I have received feedback from current players and haven't received one complaint yet.
    So, im sure you guys will have a good time :)

    Server IP:
    - Running Eco since Feb - 2017
    - Current Version: Alpha Staging 5.5
    - Meteor: Disabled
    - Server: Currently Vanilla
    - Player Limit: 100

    Hope to see you there soon!

    The server is up in Staging 5.5 now

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