Waterfall sound issue.

  • I thought it would be cool to build a house next to waterfall....until I got annoyed by the deafening sound of the falls. I completely blocked the water fall. Sound was still there. I completely filled in the water with dirt......I could still hear the waterfall.....even when it no longer existed.

    Is this a known issue ?

  • nope a new issue

  • here we go now its a known issue =P https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/1105

  • I agree it gets super annoying pretty quickly. I never tried blocking it all the way, so IDK. But it's pretty bad when you're standing on the end of a island (pretty far away from it), and you can still hear it.

  • Hey there, I was just coming to say that I am also experiencing this bug, and to note that I am no where near a waterfall, I'm actually in a mix of plains and forest area, but the issue didn't start until i loaded into the game earlier today and I was actually able to hear it inside of my house, and now that i have brought it up to my server admin, he is saying that everyone on the server is able to hear the waterfall sound now. I was even able to hear it underground once i made it to (xxx,20,xxxx) we are on the server ( TheMiningColony.com) if that helps you any.

  • I am currently testing some of the backups on a separate server to see if something we did to the world caused some kind of bug

  • everyone on the entire server hears water river sound everywhere they go even me

  • @AnimeDan
    I think that is on all servers. As long as you're not in a cave or house. You can hear some water.

    This is obviously a bug.

    They basically need to make it if bla amount of blocks have water, then make the sound so far away. If the water is moving, then make the waterfall sound so far away. I don't know what the coding is like on the backend, so I can't tell you how easy it would be to fix this. But I would think if it was easy, it would've already been done

  • I figured out why we were all hearing the river flow sound on my server. I mistakenly set the SyncToClient option to "False" on the WaterSpread world layer. SyncToClient MUST be set to "True", otherwise the client will play the sound forever and always. I'm guessing the client uses this layer to decide where a river is and where in the world to play the sound.

    I have confirmed this by setting it to true, hearing no more river, setting it to false, and hearing it again.

    So based on this what I think happened to @Benami is: if you remove the water blocks of a river, you'll still hear the sound of the water because it may not be based on the blocks but instead on where the WaterSpread layer shows a river should be.

    WaterSpread SyncToClient.png

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