Poly's Mods: Skill Tree Rebalance

  • Last Update: 02/15/2017

    Version 5.4 Release

    Unzip the Tech.zip archive, then replace the Mods / AutoGen / Tech folder with it.

    This package is meant to rebalance the tech system in Eco by greatly lowering the cost of every skill, as well slowing their rise in cost per-upgrade. This makes the game easier as you spend less time waiting on skill points and can diversify your skills a lot better than with the default values. This should allow small groups to progress in the game far faster than previously allowed, as you're essentially guaranteed
    a skill level up each day, even multiple depending on where you're putting your points.

    What I've done:

    All base skill points of 10 or more skill points were halved.
    Max base skill points was capped at 50 points.
    Lowered max exponential skill cost to 3^, where most was at 5^ or 6^
    Raised the amount of 'basic research efficiency' upgrades to 3.
    Raised base logging yield cost to 5.


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