Late Game Tech/ LGT

  • This is going to be about tech ideas for late game!
    Very first idea is going to have to be a favorite topic of mine which is Nuclear Reactors and the idea behind that one would have to be where you have to keep in mind of radiation, finding and refining the Uranium, watching out for the environment and waste, have to watch for meltdowns and shielding for the reactor. With this one it would be nice if some folks could collaborate with me on all of the details.

  • One thing I would like to add is that if there was a meltdown or something like it, it would essentially kill all life on half the planet that it is on, as that is essentially what happens because of a meltdown, especially since the world is so small. It would require some significant risks to using Nuclear Reactors.

  • One interesting thing about meltdown is that it's not as environmentally devastating as people think. The area in Russia is basically a massive nature preserves with even wolves returning to the ecosystem. They aren't sure why but it seems even though it's not good for the animals it is far far preferable to human presence. Just saying that nuclear fallout doesn't always reflect what the game fallout would lead you to believe.

  • I think wolves are definitely in the minority of the effect that Chernobyl had on nature:

    But yes, you are correct that as the Radiation particles are weakening the animals are finding it much more preferable, except we will die. Which means that since there will most likely not be a death mechanic in Eco for the players, then there will need to be other problems, which the only option is making the plants/animals on a large portion of the planet unusable?

  • @Rezoken I think a way for a penalty with a breach of containment would be like harm to your like food consumption and how you will move slower or whatever essentially making you weaken

  • @Rezoken I would definitely agree with something like a massive global debuff. Make all resources and activities cost 5 times more calories and maybe a skill debuff of X 0.5 or something until the disaster is contained if it ever can be

  • @Gates If it was up to me I think the only way you could truly get rid of waste without having to use the process that breaks it down would be to launch it into space

  • @HowAboutNo or place it directly under the meteor impact site...

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