Utilities beyond Roads

  • Thinking on roads and the work communities needed to do to make them got me wondering. Will there be more advanced public works for a game like this like plumbing, electric, gas and maybe refuse processing or is it to out of line with this games agenda? If we do have these in the future how would you persuade investments into the skills or pay for the service install?

  • Electric is a thing already. That being said, there is no connection based system that you need to do at the moment I believe. In addition, in 5.5 they are introducing a "Contracts" feature where you will be able to lodge a contract to build a certain building or item. You can then place a new item called a "Construction Post" on the ground to denote where you want the said building.

  • I like the idea of contracts and saw the rudimentary electricity in the form of water mills and windmills.

    I'm wondering though if setting up a complex utility network that would provide assorted benifits is in the spirit of the games agenda or just wishful thinking. Like staying with electricity what if you could build a complex coal generator. It's to difficult for everyone to have one so the goverment funds and builds it then everyone connected to it no longer have to put coal in there furnace or oven. As long as the generator is fueled it will provide so much power.

  • Electricity in the form of a generator requiring petrol and generates electric watts and you can attach lamp posts etc are already in the game, they are just very advanced technology at the moment.

    Obviously however, the furnaces and ovens are wood/fuel burning devices. You could not just plug in an electric cable and expect it to work (think about a normal fireplace), however if you upgraded your furnace/oven to an electrical version, then it would work. I do not believe these have an electrical version at the moment though.

  • Oh I did not see those objects in game. I like the idea of electric versions of stuff or could live with my wood stove plugging in for the sake of simplifying everything. I would love seeing utilities become more advanced over time with running water maybe being necessary for certain work benches.

  • @Rezoken playing a butcher this go around for my first game. Maybe I should be a mechanic or engineer next game and play with utilities. If what you say roles around in 5.5 though I'm considering asking a good a few people to group up into a construction company with me.

  • @Gates it is not so much a roles feature. But when you own a crafting table there is a new tab which allows you to set up what items you are Buying and which items you are Selling.

    In addition to that, you can also offer which items you can currently make if people provide you the materials, and also what cost you will charge them to make. For example, if someone wants you to butcher a Bison because you have the highest butcher skill in the server, you can say in the butcher table, I make 1 butchered bison for the cost of 1 bison carcass (for the materials) and 1 Elk Carcass to offset your costs (time etc).

    This will then allow you to set the prices, also when someone has been voted in as mayor they can set up a global currency (coins/notes etc) which you can then charge for your services as well, which you can then use to go down the road and buy your Saw Mill from the carpenter or something.

  • That sounds so darn epic but it's reminding me a little of something I want to see down the road. I found it a bit unfair that people who are gathering raw materials have to pay a premium in calories burned while anyone specializing in production via crafting benches do not. Sometime I want to see calories burned for using production benches as well. Either a flat cost for every minute of production or cost over time based on how many tables are running.

  • @Gates I think you have made a good point on that. But for example, it will be a buyers market. Say I need to make a Research Table, and I am a Miner and Woodcutter, sure I just spent a bunch of calories in that to obtain the required materials so that the producer can make it without any calories, he is still not going to get a large amount of materials from the transaction, or enough currency to purchase a lot of what he needs, so in turn he will also do stuff.

    Now while he was focusing on carpentry, you used your skills to get smelting working, now he needs to mine the iron to make you make the ingots (at no calorie cost) etc.

    But you do raise a good point, that maybe there needs to be an additional cost to using crafting tables apart from just resources and time?

  • True enough that you probably will need to be a laborer at some point to generate some wealth. The part that worries me though is that to maintain a high level skill generation you need to eat high quality food which is harder to get so that leads to concerns where the laborer will struggle to afford high end food to stay competitive while the crafter only need eat a fraction of what the laborer needs so it's easier for them to maintain a high skill point gain.

    It also makes it easy to create bots in the final game. You hardly feed them and ultra specialize one two or more to come on for three seconds to start a 5 hour craft order, feed them one high quality food to maintain max skill generation then log on tomorrow while everyone else struggles to maintain their skill generation.

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