BUG - Stuck on Loading World/Crash To Server Menu

  • Currently playing on a Server running version 5.4

    Lately I have been encountering a bug that makes the game unplayable - When attempting to connect to the server, the game runs through the loading procedure normally until it hits the "loading world" text. It loads a certain percentage (anywhere between 5-40%) and then hangs for about 60 seconds, and eventually "crashes" back to the server select screen. It seems to have no real fix - every now and then it just decides to work.

    Anyone know what's going on, and if there's a proven fix to correct this error? Currently I am essentially relying on the game deciding to play nice in order to be able to connect.

  • the server might just need a restart .. but we need the server dumbs( crash logs) to see what is causing the issue

  • i have the same issue.
    WIn7 - 64Bit (tried 32Bit version too)
    also on Linux - Ubuntu 16.10

    needer i do have an Server dump ( there is no server-crash) (for the other player it looks like, I loggin, stay a few sec. and loggoff).
    nor there is a app-crash (while the Loading World screen stucks WIN is marking the app as not responding -> if i kill it at that moment i'll get a dump (but from the app))

    greets Lindi

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