[Suggestion] Starting regulations

  • As mentioned in another post, there should be some starting regulations for the future. Something like limited tree cutting and stone mining (i.e. 5/day....), to prevent a "clean sweep" of the world.
    Cause to many people with no regulations can deforest a world in a few hours and nobody had the chance to test something quiet enough cause through lack of ressources.

    Btw. can trees reforest themselves? or does the player need to do something? someone mentioned to let stand 1 or 2 trees so that new ones can grow. --> is this even possible?

  • there is a law you can create for that ... though trees are not called trees .. they hare something with c i think

  • Trees do grow back, but it is slow.
    The main problem is that while the trees are down then the animals all start to die and food has trouble growing on damaged topsoil. maintaining some trees helps.

    I am still testing long term sustainable forestry, will have feedback in a day or two.

  • @NoBlackThunder, yeah but i may take too long to conclude the law, and in the meantime all trees are gone =\

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