Computer/ Laptop Preferences

  • Does anyone know what your computer preferences have to be in order to play this game/ simulation? It would be helpful if the developers or anyone one in the community can answer my question.

  • Core i7 4790K stock clock speeds
    nVidia GTX 745
    16GB ram
    non-ssd installation.

    game opens in less then 10seconds, loads worlds in less then 15secs.
    runs smooth unless I have the map open. If you want the map open make sure to zoom in on it and it should work fine. I get 65fps on max graphics with this crappy card :)

  • The game runs prety heavy as its will be proberly optimized in later stage. ive tested it on multicomputers, and post my results and a usefull link for comparison with what system your running,

    Pc 1: Settings on Low, resolution 720p
    Cpu: Intel I3-4130
    Ram: 8gb
    Videocard: HD7770
    Average fps: 40-60
    Passmark cpu score: 4771
    Passmark gpu score: 2184

    Pc 2: Settings on Average, 1080p
    Cpu: Intel I5-2500K
    Ram: 8gb
    Videocard: HD7770
    Average fps: 40-60
    Passmark cpu score: 6454
    Passmark gpu score: 5211

    If you want to compare your own hardware seartch for you gpu/cpu in the following link using ctr+f since its a long list to give you a id of comparison.

    From monitoring my hardware usage this game does not use more then 1gb of vido memory for me but usages my gpu to the max cpu is also not very heavy loaded about 50% on the i5 max, so video card is main priority in this game.

    Signed Zaskersky,

  • I'm running my own (solo) server and the primary performance issue I have is the poor garbage collection. The last optimization pass really helped with dense forests, and if I don't load every chunk by wandering all over the planet I can usually get away with medium-high visual settings. For some reason it takes an absurdly long time to calculate stack/split size when I try to pick up too much weight. I don't know if that's a CPU bottleneck or an unoptimized formula, but at the moment my old dinosaur can still handle the load.

    OS: Ubuntu 17.04
    CPU: i3-3220 @ 3.30GHz × 4
    GPU: GTX 645 (375.26 proprietary driver)
    RAM: 6GB

    Disclaimer: This may change during development. No warranties are expressed or implied.

  • Thank you all for your answers.