[BGN] Eco Alpha Large AUS Server(s) | 50 Players | Dedicated [24/7] | UPDATED Alpha 4!

  • @MrCoumbe
    All finished I think!
    The coords for the smelter are 223,31,220. Wasn't up last night but now is on the deforestation side of the river, just near the waterfall.
    Unfortunately a bug has appeared in the community - one I can't cover up either - "Sky hole" has been reported to the developers. Hopefully it doesn't take away from your demonstration just try not to step on it :)

    Pics for the display!


    Smelter before use, with some farmland beside to show the destruction

    The community!

    Whoops Skyhole opened up next to farm

    Ores on display

    Tailings starting to pollute everything

    Water carried pollution down stream

    Tailings secured and not polluting

  • I'm enjoying the step-by-step pics of your server, neat to see it develop

  • Hi @zenita, I'm having trouble accessing the server. The server Ip is right?

    Here is a screencast of what I get on my screen.

    The screenshots look awesome.

    server error.mp4

  • @MrCoumbe From what I can tell of your video is the server is loading.
    Doesn't seem to be any issues server side, did you give it a minute to load? Perhaps the connection is a bit laggy and needs a few seconds to rez the world around you?

    Edit Ingame myself now, no issues here :(

    More Edits I've picked up the tailings for the moment, the pollution was spreading too far and almost reached the communities crops! I'll put them back down later, closer to the meeting

  • @Zenita

    Uh oh. I think it may be the school server blocking the connection. I'll try and get it resolved by ICT and let you know.

  • @Zenita

    I'm devastated. The ICT department have said that at this moment in time they aren't able to unblock the connection. I am so sorry that your effort did not see the recognition it deserves. I did however show the screenshots.

    Is there a way for you to preserve the configuration of the world that you made and simply reset when needed? I believe that the world you made is a great demo world for students to have a go and try to solve some issues.

    I'd love to work with you over the holidays to develop some activities for specific learning goals.

    Sorry once once again and know that your effort did not go awry.

  • @MrCoumbe

    Do not worry, I'm glad you could at least show the screenshots! And for me this game is always fun :)
    I've also turned off your server for now, but I still have all the save files if needed. Though a new patch that fixes tons of bugs is coming out in the next few days, so i'll probably try to recreate it on that if needed.

    Over the next while I am looking at learning/teaching myself how to mod the game for the gaming network that it is hosted on, to run all sorts of simulations and events. With that in mind I can possibly come up with a build that matches some learning goals, create some simulation that matches the goals as well as the amount of students involved and the time frame they have to spend on it.

    Keep in mind I'm no pro though, I'm just someone who is passionate about this game and think it could be a wonderful tool to teach :)

  • @zenita,

    You are doing a great job. I was just speaking with the ICT staff and they said that the best way to play eco here would be to have an internal server that the students can access. Let's work on some ideas and activities over the holdays.

    I would also like to work on modding over the holidays. @Johnk, there is a lot of interest in Aus schools about conservation of the environment and there are many learning objectives in the Aus curriculum that can be enhanced using eco. I saw in a video that you can give teacher tools and developer capabilities to teachers. Let me know what I can do to get on to that.

    Thank you both.

  • @MrCoumbe I'll take a look at what we can to perhaps create a modded version of Eco that represents a more Australian environment and ecosystem for the best learning experience for Australian education institutes and the community at large.

    Because at the end of the day who doesn't want to see kangaroos, wombats, koala bears, etc running around in Eco :)

    I can just imagine having magpies swooping in from large trees to attach players on transit between towns haha

    Case and point ;)

  • @BenjaminDSmithy

    An Australian environment would be epic to have. Love to see it if you make the mod.

  • Hello, just picked up this game and was curious as to if the server is still running. I was getting connection error earlier today.

  • @any1seenjoe Sorry about that! Server back online now :)

  • No problem, and thanks

  • Update One:

    To unify our new community we are now called Binary Gaming Network or [BGN] for short :)

    You can find our WIP website here: http://www.binarygaming.net/wp

    Eco Server 1's IP Address now has a -sub-domain address for easier access: eco.binarygaming.net

    We're also working on a new set of servers focused at education and will make use of the address: ecoedu.binarygaming.net

    A forum and real-time status updates on our various servers is currently being worked on and should hopefully be done before the holiday break :)

  • Update Two:

    We are slowly rolling out our social networks for those who wish to Like, Follow & Subscribe to us :)

    Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/binarygaming
    Twitter | https://twitter.com/Binary_Gaming
    Steam | http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BinaryGaming

    NOTE: More links will be added in future as we secure them.

  • Update Three:

    Server has been updated to Alpha 0.2, currently unmodded.
    Meteor time is 14 days, world is 80x80.

    After meteor is destroyed will be restarting and modding the server.
    First mod will be 0 crafting time, Eco speed run anyone?


    With build 3 looming, take this chance to kill the meteor as quick as possible! Team up with friends or race to be the first to fire the laser?


    That's right guys. Everything has had their timer removed so you can have those resources and skill books done instantly!

    So join us this Friday Night at 8pm Australian Eastern Daylight time(AEDT) for the chaos that is saving the earth!

    Check out our forum for updates:

    Cya there!

  • 20 mins guys till first event kicks off! Join the discord for all the fun :)
    Not just open to Australians, all are welcome to join!

  • Alpha 3 server is now online!

  • Updated original post with latest server information and also included our Patreon information (https://www.patreon.com/BinaryGaming)

    I would also suggest heading over to our forums to read our recent announcement regarding our migration to Patreon and our serious investment in future proofing our infrastructure with new custom built dedicated servers :)