[BGN] Eco Alpha Large AUS Server(s) | 50 Players | Dedicated [24/7] | UPDATED Alpha 4!

  • Hey all,
    We welcome @Zenita to our Eco server moderation team :D

  • I don't really know the controls please help!!!

  • @liftzero_
    Oh I saw you on the server, that's a good start!
    Tab to swap between mouse and move mode :)

  • @Zenita But how do I type?

  • @liftzero_ Enter to bring up chat bar, type then enter to send the msg

  • @Zenita Thank you so much!

  • is the server up atm?

  • @shauny1ynuahs We were encountering some problems with our various servers from DNS issues and lag spikes if I recall and also something to note is that we have a weekly restart at 3pm UTC+10:00 on a Wednesday .



    So the meteor hit our server guys, come check out the devastation!

    Server will continue to run the ruined world so people have a chance to check it out. Server will be restarting early next week on the next build.

  • Poor world... GG

  • Let us remember the good times when our 1st Eco world was alive and blooming by gathering around the campfire to look at the history our ancestors created:

    A General Store emerges:

    The General Store is open for business!
    General Store Open for Business!.jpg

    A Community Farm is organized

    A viewing platform is made:

    A Windmill / Church is constructed:

    Industrial Age

    Gold is discovered!:
    Sooo much GOLD!.jpg
    Even more GOLD!.jpg

    A large mine is created:

    Our abuse of the planet starts to show:

    Steps are taken to rectify the problem:

    We begin to learn to live with nature again although all animals are now dead ;(
    NaturesAdvocate's NEW House!.png

    Technological Age

    The remaining days were spent trying to pool resources as a last effort to stop the pending doom from an incoming asteroid (we failed).

  • Server wiped. Earth is alive again!

    Want to play eco on a clean server? Want to test out how everything works before the next build is released? Join us!

    If you need any help or have any questions, feel free to post here or join our discord!

    Warning: Will be updating server as soon as next build is released. Depending on player activity and next build changes will decide if we require a wipe or not.

  • Hi @Zenita and @BenjaminDSmithy . Thanks for the consideration. I actually have a presentation at the staff conference here at Churchlands tomorrow and I wanted to show a stable copy of a world to the teachers here. I went on there about an hour ago and the server was different from last night. Can you both help?

  • Ahhh great screenshots, sad that its all wiped out...

    @MrCoumbe said:

    Hi @Zenita and @BenjaminDSmithy . Thanks for the consideration. I actually have a presentation at the staff conference here at Churchlands tomorrow and I wanted to show a stable copy of a world to the teachers here. I went on there about an hour ago and the server was different from last night. Can you both help?

    Very nice, what conference may I ask? Will be great to hear their thoughts.

  • Hi @JohnK. It's our High School General Staff Conference and I've been asked by the Principal to do a quick presentation on my applications into gamification and game-based learning and I was going to demonstrate Eco to them as a cross-curricular game-based learning program. I had a play with the server last night and I was making some decent progress but it seems that the Aus server has had a bit of a collapse because I can't do anything with it now.

    I made a screencast to show what it looks like. Are you able to help?
    Recording #160.mp4

  • @MrCoumbe Thanks for using our server! Hmm we had a few bugs that we were actually testing and reporting last night, sorry if you got caught up in the madness!

    I can actually put up a clean server for you for tonight and tomorrow, I can set up the basic builder's hut and hunter's lodge to equip you with basic equipment to demonstrate. If there is anything else I can help you with, feel free to message me :)

    EDIT If you could give me a rough time frame and time zone the meeting will occur, I can do so restart in the morning before the meeting to make sure the server is running optimally.

  • Hi @zenita, that would be awesome! Yes please. The conference starts at 3:15 pm Perth, Western Australia Time. I think it's GMT +8 where we are. It would be great if I could get on there tonight and have a play to see what I could do to demonstrate. I will be logging on after 10 pm tonight.


    Are you able to put a gold mine with tilling showing polution? The teachers will be particularly interested in Australian Curriculum integration.

    My talk will be focused on gamification and game-based learning using effective simulation applications. Depending on interest in my talk, the principal has indicated that I could possibly do a PD session with the teachers.

    Let me know what we can do.

    Thanks again.

  • @Zenita

    I just went on the server for a couple minutes to check it out. It seems that it went back and the beginnings of my hut are still there.

    I think that for the teachers to really see the point in this game they will need to see the pollution and its effects.

    I've got to go give capoeira class now but when I get back I'll log back on.


  • @MrCoumbe
    Yes I'll be putting a fresh server up after I finish cooking dinner (Wouldn't want you to demonstrate the bugs that we caused :P ), will be up around 10pm Melbourne time. I'll get to work on the basic buildings, I'll demonstrate deforestation and mining pollution as well.

  • @MrCoumbe & @Zenita I guess another positive perk of restarting the world for this demonstration at the conference @MrCoumbe is attending is that all the animals should be alive and well to really show off the Eco system more broadly, compared to if the server was not reset and having most of the animals dying out around day 2 to 3 due to a bug in the animals hunger levels dropping too quickly if I recall correctly.

    Perhaps @JohnK can provide some more insight into this bug if it still exists in the upcoming build?

    P.S. Could we by chance get a soft ETA on Alpha Release 2 for Eco?