Unable to propose new law/run for office in new server (owned by me)

  • I created a new server but when I try running for office/proposing a new law, it redirects me to a web-page and then says "unable to connect". Any way to get passed this?

    Also says: [42:58] Failed to start Webserver: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.**

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • you cant vote for the laws because the Web interface has trouble starting it seems .. To possible causes. You need to run the server as admin or something else is blocking it like an antivirus, firewall or the port might be in use.

  • I have antivirus on my PC (bitdefender), but havent gotten any notifications saying that specific website was blocked or needs to be authorized. I have not ran it as admin yet, but how can I tell if the port is in use and how do I get around that?

  • right click on the eco server exe and run as admin or uninstall your bit defender could be 2 options you could try to start with

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