Help! Skill Points?

  • Hi everyone! Sorry if this is a stupid question but me and my brother are new to eco and are playing on a LAN server. We are really confused because in the bottom left corner where the nutrition is it says that I should be getting 40.6 skill points a day and he should be getting 36.9 however we are both only getting 1 a day. Can anyone explain this please because its becoming impossible to research skills. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies :)

  • The game is referring to real life days not in game days.

  • Thanks for the reply! I did wonder if that's what it meant but I was hoping it wasn't! Oh well I guess we'll just have to wait then!

  • No trouble. Make sure you are eating as well as you can to increase the number of skill points you are getting each day. Foolish Crok put out an excellent how to guide recently to help

  • Thanks for that it's really helpful only problem is it is gonna take us forever to get the skills necessary to in order to get the good food that will boast the skill points we get! It's a vicious cycle! We'll get there eventually and once one of us gets all the cooking and butchery skills nice and high it will make the rest of the skills easier to learn :)

  • Once you learn the game well enought you can get end game cooking in just 2 or 3 days provided you and enough friends are working well together and know exactly what to go for. Stuff starts costing a lot of skill points when you try to level up skills for a few extra items that are marginally better or increase speed and efficency

  • Thanks! If you've got any other tips let me know :)

  • So with the skill gains being real world daily, and I am using a local server on my computer, does this mean I have to let my computer stay running with the server active for me to get the skill gains?

  • Yes you have to let the server run to get skill points

  • @NoobAtLife there is a server option called Time Mult which increases the rate at which it ticks. This means your skill points go up quicker, but it also means your food goes down a lot quicker as well.

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