Tiny planets...issue

  • So the inability to tech up without smelting ,which requires you to have 5 of the rare gold ore I've never seen, laden down with thousands of copper and iron ore which are useless to you is a problem...

    the planet is tiny it's only 504m around, I've tunneled at the lowest level several straight tunnels in the two different axes, and found literally 4-5 stacks of iron (512 each stack) and about half that in copper. Not a single piece of gold which I need 5 of to tech up.

    Some resoure balancing is needed, and a stronger tech tree which I assume is in the works. In the meantime can we get some information on the rarity and spawn rates/locations of various materials?

    Also is there a way to repair the damage to the environment from tress? It seems we can't replant them, and we can't fix the ground they demolish around them for whatever reason...

  • Gold seems a bit rare for me.

    There should be a way to customize the resource spawn rate in the world(there already maybe not sure).

    Apparently tree planting is coming.

  • Well according to the server software the gold in my world is roughly 60% the quantity of copper in the world, but I have several stacks of copper and not a single piece of gold, so that seems unlikely.

  • i have seen several people finding gold. so it should be somewhere in the world . some have reported to find it on higher ground

  • I find gold relatively easy along the surface at high altitudes. It is rarer than copper and iron, but not hard to find.

  • I've tried the highest elevations on the planet as well, all the exposed rock I can find, and no dice...

  • how big is your world ?

  • whatever the default is, the internal circumference as I mentioned turns out to be 504 m at the lowest level.

  • possible your world is maybe to small ? i would guess 16x16 or 32x32 is a good size =) maybe your server is to small and there is no room for it to spawn if you have a size of 5x5 ?

  • The world was generated by the default settings, if the default settings are too small then that is a design issue.

  • Check the Server it tells you how much gold.
    My world has like 2% which is 20k gold ore. I am on Default size.

  • I already did check the server though the numbers appear to be absent today for some reason, they were there before, and it was something like 0.32%

  • So there looks to be a way to mod the World generator so you can increase the amount of ore that spawns. Shall have to do some testing tho I think I could do it.

    I did some modding and I got it so on the Default world size this was the Generation.(default seed too)

    16.18% IronOreBlock: 1,388,112
    8.80% CopperOreBlock: 754,716
    1.78% GoldOreBlock: 152,508
    2.05% DirtBlock: 176,242
    1.49% SandBlock: 128,134
    57.27% StoneBlock: 4,912,459
    2.96% ImpenetrableStoneBlock: 254,016
    5.44% GrassBlock: 466,289
    0.03% RiverbedBlock: 2,572
    4.00% WaterBlock: 343,380

    Basicly you can set the spawns of each you could make a world with lots of iron and little stone if you wished.

    Here is another build.
    23.75% IronOreBlock: 2,037,418
    14.02% CopperOreBlock: 1,202,556
    5.96% GoldOreBlock: 511,319
    2.05% DirtBlock: 176,244
    1.49% SandBlock: 128,043
    40.30% StoneBlock: 3,458,186
    2.96% ImpenetrableStoneBlock: 254,016
    5.44% GrassBlock: 467,062
    0.03% RiverbedBlock: 2,588
    4.00% WaterBlock: 342,835

  • I had a server with standard spawning and a buddy of mine found a huge gold vein.
    I'm talking 1000+ gold.
    Maybe there's a bug that causes like 90% of all gold to spawn in 1 vein?

  • @Ryve said:

    I had a server with standard spawning and a buddy of mine found a huge gold vein.
    I'm talking 1000+ gold.
    Maybe there's a bug that causes like 90% of all gold to spawn in 1 vein?

    can be a bug .. or can be just a vein ... if you just have 1 large vein .. i guess its harder to find .. something later forcing you to destroy more of the world ?

  • Right now, we don't know, just thought everyone should know, since we've not had a gold shortage XD

  • I've had polar opposite results. I built my entire settlement on a plateau that was at least 15% raw gold, not exaggerating in the slightest. I had more gold than I knew what to do with - it was clogging up my inventory. I had to mine around it because I needed stone more than gold.

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