Rezoken's Mods: Turn Off Light Sources

  • Modification to all fuel burning light sources (i.e. stone brazier)

    Version 5.4 Release

    Right click on the light source to turn it on and off.

    Modification to all fuel burning light sources to enable you to turn them off and save the fuel that is inside them. You do this by Right Clicking on the object in the world.

    The object will include a new text element to the "Status" tab stating "Switch: ON/OFF" indicating the status of the light source.


    Install Instructions:
    Place OnOffMod.cs under the directory Server / Mods / AutoGen / WorldObject / OnOffMod

    Current Issues:

    • Similar to the bug with doors, if attempting to use a Shovel with no item on the shovel it will not work.
    • Campfire is not included due to the fact that it switches off automatically when no items are being crafted.
    • Electricity fueled light sources are NOT included in this mod currently.

  • Hi Rezoken, nice mod you made here, may I include this in the Clays Toolkit mod please?

  • @ClayC sure thing. Just please reference my name somewhere as the original author and I have no problem with that.

  • Awesome!
    If you want you could make a PR to get this in the main game, and put it directly on the components. Can go into WorldObjectComponent.OnActInteract, that way you can get them all in one shot.

  • Hey JohnK,

    I think that was probably going to be first thing to hit off. At the moment I am still in the process of configuring my development environment. But until we can get it into a release version I suggest that @ClayC continues on with adding this as a modkit.

  • I included it in Clays Toolkit, we are testing the last bit of the toolkit to make the release, I will send you a link to the post when it's up for verification, thanks @Rezoken :)

  • @ClayC Just so you know. I am now part of the DevTier group and I have included the Lights on and off switch into the base code. I will be merging it into the main branch soon ish in the next 1-2 days, which means it will most likely make it into the next patch 5.6 (if it gets all tested and what note first).

  • wonderful! in that case I will remove it from Clays Toolkit 5.6 :)