Being brought to the top when going down a ramp

  • This is at 383,20,506
    When I'm going down a ramp going below 20. If I'm on a cart it spawns me up top like I did a nostuck command. If I push my cart down there and let go before it hits that last ramp. It basically does a no stuck on the cart.

    This is using the normal cart, and a dirt ramp. Also a few other players experienced the same when they tested it out.
    Also, the cart can go below that level when not using a ramp. But once it goes up or down that bottom ramp. It spawns up top. (I've replaced the ramp, and tried it in a few locations near the listed location above.

    Is there a quick fix on this, or am I SOL for now?

  • I also posted this bug here and on discord, no answers yet, but I am assuming that it cannot be fixed with a mod, since it's in the core code :/

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