• I've not seen this mentioned or in game yet since I picked up ECO so I'd like to share this now for future law consideration.

    While I do like the ability to limit hunting and other gathering endeavors to X per player I feel it could be a lot better esp when you consider not everyone is hunting or tree chopping etc.

    I suggest an advanced goverment feature to allow for permits. If a goverment forms on a planet that goverment can charge players for the right to take from public resources such as hunting. A permit for example would let you hunt a total of X elk . This way hunters wouldn't be as limited and can do what they want to do wland players who choose not to hunt don't have too. It also gives better control for the player goverment to control the amount of resources being taken from the public eco system.

    Permits would need to expire after a set time to keep them from being horned so a player doesn't use 5 days of permits to go on a mass killing spree that the ECO can't handle.

    You can also do permits such as it is illegal to use a butcher table unless you have at least 3 efficiency to prevent accessible waste. Illegal to chop trees without woodcutting 3 or a permit to cut 100 trees etc.

    A cap and trade permit might also be advised. To use pollution generating machines you get a permit good for X pollution. Using a machine would burn that permit much like a fuel and after so much pollution it becomes illegal to use the machine.

    These ideas are ment to help players specialize in their field since not everyone wants to go out and hunt their 2 elk or chop their ten trees. Instead let the people who specialize in the field have 20 elk or 100 trees and let other players do what they want. This of course is all optional as an additional goverment tool.

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