Server disappeared

  • The server i was playing on just up and disappeared. Anyone else?

  • I can say that this is a problem I've been seeing for several days since I bought the game on Thursday. If you have marked it as a favorite it will come back up as OFFLINE. My guess is some servers are just not stable and you will need to wait for the host to reset it. For this reason I have charicters on 3 servers due to private server instability.

  • There are random .net errors that require user intervention on the server side in order to resolve them and bring the server back online. They require the server admin to click 'continue'. I think it happens about 2 times a day on my server. Usually the error is related to checking the room size.

  • If you have it mark as favorite and comes back as offline after a while they may have change the server and transfer the data to another one it happens if is a rent server.

  • How do i find that new server? I have one marked fav. It has been offline for probably a day. Last time i logged in it had reverted itself approx 4 or 5 days. Erasing a lot of hard work.

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