demo/ try out version for eco??

  • Hello eco players.

    I have just found this game and i'm impressed. i have never seen such an original idea for a survival game in a while, i have played ark for 600 hours, rust for 400 and 7 days to die for 100. i would really like to try this game out for an hour or 2 if thats possible. i am very responsible with my money and 40 bucks is quite alot. so is it possible for me to try out this game for an hour or 2 (like with steam refunds) and if i like it i will buy it. hopefully someone has a solution for me.

  • @bramhoep wait till it comes out on steam. The price will likely be lower. At this price you are supporting the development of the game, similar to if you were involved in the kick starter.

  • no need to make several post for the same question here @bramhoep

  • Sorry NoBlackThunder i did not know where to put it so i posted it on both.

  • Demos are kind of a tough thing for developers to do anymore so it's not something I want to encourage putting man hours into that could simply been spent on bug hunting

    However I do understand wanting to know more before you get into it so I would strongly recommend watching some let's plays. There is a youtube server and a lot of videos of gameplay out to help you decide, this is the first I saw for this game that got me to buy it

    I'd also recommend if you are interested to ask around the community for people putting up a new server you can join with. You will be much happier joining a day one server with a few people at the same time and they might tell you more. Also and don't get your hopes up it seems a few people have extra keys for making large donations so... never know when you make new friends XD

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